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About Dr. Cyran

Dr. Laura Cyran is a Licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Westchester County, NY, where she welcomes adolescents and adults who are seeking to create change in their lives. Many of her clients bring in emotional pain and struggle, whether the symptoms of anxiety are taking a daily toll or doubt and self-criticism are impacting performance at work. Dr. Cyran is particularly sensitive to struggles of perfectionism, procrastination, and high-pressure settings. Together, she helps clients find creative ways to face fears, test beliefs and assumptions, learn new skills, replace unhelpful habits, re-engage with what is meaningful for them, and move forward toward their goals and values.

Dr. Cyran is committed to maintaining an inclusive, save, affirming practice.

Therapy sessions with Dr. Cyran integrate cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and acceptance and commitment (ACT) based approaches. She gently challenges clients to grow mindful of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to identify areas to intervene, learn skills, and reduce emotional pain. Dr. Cyran approaches clients with curiosity, flexibility, and acceptance, and encourages clients to approach themselves and the world in the same way. Her overarching goal for all clients is to help them be present, do what matters, and remain open and flexible.

Dr. Cyran holds a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) from St. John's University and completed her undergraduate studies in psychology and philosophy at Barnard College. Her applied training has included a range of clinical placements, including hospital-based outpatient, community mental health, residential treatment, elementary and high schools, and private group practice settings.

In addition to clinical work, Dr. Cyran stays involved in a range of academic and research pursuits. She has presented research on adolescent social withdrawal at national and international conferences, been an advisor to open science initiatives, and maintained involvement in various meta-science research projects. She holds an adjunct assistant professorship at St. John's University. 

Laura Cyran Licensed Psychologist

Hi, I'm Laura.

Dog in therapy office

My office buddy, Otto. Sometimes he might join us, but fair warning: he'll probably be asleep.

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